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IOAKU- Dove mini halsband guld

IOAKU- Dove mini halsband guld


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IOAKU- Dove mini halsband guld. Ett 2-radigt multifunktionellt halsband med en duva i den kortare kedjan där båda kedjorna  enkelt kan kopplas loss från spännet så man kan bära dem var för sig eller tillsammans.

Längd: 48/80 cm
Storlek på duva: ca 4*6cm
Material: Mässing, nickel och kadmiumfritt.
Modell på kedja: Ormlänk

Leveranstid: 2-4 arbetsdagar


”The jewellery and accessory brand IOAKU was founded by the swedish fashion and accessory designer Fanny Ek in 2012. Her desire of developing art in combined medias with statement and love has been the driving force for the brand. Each piece has it’s highly unmistakable personal touch by Fanny’s passion for art, design and craftmanship. It’s sophisticated elegance expressed with an unique style in a look that echoes both the past and the future. Very modern shapes creates a strong individual look that is recognizable as beautiful, powerful and desirable.

IOAKU develops and creates the look for the dynamic people who want to acheive a complete self-esteem, assertiveness and a supernatural fashionable charisma. The collections are mostly reflected by aesthetic awareness of the timeline of human mankind yet combined with new ideas and experimental designs.

The name of IOAKU – “I oak you”,was born from Fanny’s longing to create art whom people should wear. Her Swedish surname “Ek”, means oak in english whereas the name was an obvious act to fulfill the desire.

Feminine and graceful, yet very modern shapes that created a strong individual look that is recognizable as powerful, adorable and desirable.”